Alan Bamboo

Alan is really missing all of his Year 5 friends so has been trying to keep himself busy.  

Mrs Boden has found Alan up to all kinds of mischief!  Watch this space for updates on Alan's movements.

Friday 17th July... I will look after Alan in the Summer holidays.  He will be here, washing his paws, when you return to school in September. Take care wink

Thursday 16th July... Alan is in our World of Glass bowl.  That was a great trip out.  What do you remember about it? 


Tuesday 14th July... We have been looking through our year of learning book.  There are some lovely memories in there.  What's your favourite memory of Y5?



Thursday 9th July... Alan is keeping me on my toes in school.  I found him reading our mission statement this week.  


Thursday 2nd July... I think he's after my job, children! I've found him photocopying worksheets today.  Imagine Y5 being taught by Mr Bamboo...I wonder what would be on the curriculum?

Tuesday 30th June... Someone is trying to be helpful at school...I'm worried I might need to put plasters on paws surprise



Friday 26th June... Make sure you are drinking enough water in the hot weather.  Pandas get most of their water from the bamboo that they eat but they do need to top up by drinking water from streams (or water fountains...).


Monday 22nd June... Still getting up to mischief, guess who got himself tangled up in birthday bunting and managed to sneak a cake? Don't worry, he didn't eat it!  He really is a handful Year 5!


Thursday 18th June... It didn't take him long to get up to mischief in school.  I found him hiding in the library! 

Monday 15th June... Alan has been back to school today.  I'm not sure he can read upside down just yet...

Have you noticed that he really likes climbing?

Thursday 11th June... Exercise is so important to keep the body and mind healthy.  It's very high up here though!

Monday 8th June... Did you know it's the United Nations' World Ocean Day? Alan enjoyed looking at some beautiful photographs of sea creatures with me today.



Thursday 4th June... Are you all remembering to wash your paws?

Tuesday 2nd June... Alan is missing all of his Year 5 friends.  When he was last at school I found him trying to make friends in the meadow.


Wednesday 20th May... Luckily, Alan has finished his home schooling for today.  He's now enjoying the sunshine!


Tuesday 19th May... Can you spot where in school Alan is today? What does 'Q' represent in our curriculum?  How many of our We Love Learning alphabet can you remember?

Thursday 14th May... Another hectic day for Alan. He's keeping his maths skills going just like you are.  I hope he put those tiles back after he finished!


Tuesday 12th May... Alan looks very small here in the meadow.  Can you work out where he is?  I'm not sure what type of story he's telling!


Thursday 7th May... Ready for the VE day anniversary celebrations tomorrow! Hope you have a good weekend.

Tuesday 5th May... Alan has been getting his exercise in.   It's a long way to climb when you're only small.  Do you recognise where he's playing?

Friday 1st May... Ringing the bell on another week! Hope you have a nice weekend, stay safe!


Wednesday 29th April... Inspired by the bbc geography work yesterday, Alan's been looking at the world map in our meadow.  He's found where he lives now but which direction should he move in to find the country of his birth?



Monday 27th April...Music is on the menu today.  Alan's playing and I'm singing, it's time for a re-run of Livin' on a Prayer...cover your ears, Alan, Mrs. Boden's going for it!

Friday 24th April... A reminder to check your Mathletics from Alan.  He's been counting with the unifix cubes!  We're also going to log in to Accelerated Reader together and see if there are any good books to share that we already have at home.

                             He hopes you all have a good weekend!     wink                                                 



Tuesday 21st April... Are you lucky enough to have a garden or some outside space? Alan helped to keep our Eco-Council wellies going by giving them a big drink of water.  

Monday 20th April... Alan has been doing lots of reading over the holidays.  He spent ages looking at the map of China from our giant maps book.  He is a Qinling (Chin-ling)  panda from central China.


Monday 6th April... Happy Easter from Alan!  I wonder if this egg will last until Sunday?


Friday 3rd April... Sorry, Year 5, I found Alan setting the Mathletics homework for the next week...I hope he knows what he's doing!  Please do check your Mathletics if you can; some children are keeping on top of it brilliantly (big well done) but others are letting the tasks build up.


Wednesday 1st April... Busy concentrating on out the Roman numeral work. (using the teacher pen too!).  Have you had a look yet?

Monday 30th March.. Alan has been on a tour of St. Austin's this weekend! He found some friends on a display in the entrance hall.


Friday 27th March...Can you believe Alan thought he'd won Best Table? I caught him just in time! Have a good weekend everyone.



Wednesday 25th March...Alan got stuck in the Red Reading Box surprise Have you managed to do some reading yet?