Home Learning (English)

Here you will find all resources to support home learning in English if school has to close or Year 5 has to isolate.

BBC homelearning link: 



Starting on 1st October, we will be looking at persuasive writing.  The Oaks Academy has online lessons for this topic.  Please follow this link to access the learning:

Persuasive writing lessons

There are spelling lists at the foot of the page which you can learn and practise - could you give yourself a Friday test like we would do in class?

Spellings for 23/10/20 – word of the week is believe

Group one – silent letters

doubt, subtle, autumn, hymn, thistle, whistle, knight, knuckle, wreck, wrinkle, island, scissors, rhyme, rhythm

Group two – prefixes dis, mis, in, im, il, ir, un

disobey, disagree, mislead, misbehave, inactive, incorrect,  illegal, illegible, impossible, imperfect, irregular, irresponsible

Group three – a split e

made, cake, make, came, page, gave, grape, shape         

what, old            


Spellings for 16/10/20 – word of the week is cautious

Group one – words ending in a, i, o and u

anaconda, armadillo, buffalo, corgi, cuckoo, dingo, emu, gecko, gnu, kangaroo, koala, kiwi, puma, tarantula

Group two – silent letters o, h and c

young, double, trouble, country, chemist, character, chorus, choir, scheme, scene, scenic, scenery, science, scientific, discipline, fascinate, crescent.

Group three – ee/ ea sound

tree, sheep, sleep, sweep, read, weak, cheat, neat,

+ little, when




Spellings for 9/10/20 – word of the week is suspect

Group one - plurals

dog, dogs, elephant, elephants, dish, dishes, fox, foxes, baby, babies, boy, boys, trolley, trolleys

Group two – double consonants

happy, rabbit, tennis, messy, silly, kitten, potter, coffee, summer, puppy

Group three – ea sound

beach, real, cheap, steal, cream, scream, dear, fear

+ said, come


If you can access the BBC daily lessons resources on bbc.co.uk these fit in well with our English curriculum.  There are some writing activities and some SPaG.  Have a go, it's important to keep your writing skills up and don't forget the presentation!  New lessons are posted each day Monday to Friday and they use videos to help explain things (useful if it's something we haven't covered for a while!).

Accelerated Reader is still available to you.  You log on in the usual way at this website:

Accelerated Reader

Don't forget there are reading resources online if you finish your school reading book.  Mrs. Duvall has researched what's available:

Purple Mash

You will need to get your parents to create an account.  When they have completed the log in details, they will need to activate their account by checking their emails and following the link.

Once you are logged in, there are a number of activities that you can do.  If you click on ‘Serial Mash’ you will be taken to an online library of books. On the right, you will see the following options for books at different age ranges. If you find a set too hard, read one from the lower set and build yourself up.  There are also little quizzes and activities to go with each chapter.

Diamonds: Age 5-7

Emeralds: Age 7-9

Sapphires: Age 9-11


Read Theory

This appears to be an American site, but is quite easy to use.  Your parents will need to set it up with an email address.  Once you have taken the first ‘quiz’ (which takes between 10 and 20 minutes) you can practise your reading skills by reading a short text and then answering some questions about it.  You can check your progress using the little graph icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Free ebooks

I have been looking for some free ebooks and have found the following:

Oxford Owl – this is a great website with quite a few ebooks that you can read for free. An adult will need to register with an email and activate the account.  After that, it is easy to use and even has an audio button so that you can listen to the page being read to you – a great way to check that you have read the words correctly!

Amazon – search for free ebooks for children and you will find a number of books that you can download including classics like The Wind in the Willows, cheeky reads like the Barry Loser series and factual books.

Files to Download