Every Day Counts

With effect from 1st September 2013, amendments have been made to the Education Regulations governing school attendance.  The amendments make clear that headteachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Regular school attendance is vital to ensure that our children maximise the educational opportunities available.  School can no longer grant leave of absence for holidays during term time.  If you take your child on holiday during term time you risk getting a Penalty Notice fine.  Families taking holidays in term time have a significant impact on attendance figures.  Therefore, your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.

We monitor and offer support to our most vulnerable families to improve their attendance further.  During the past acdemic years we have provided support to families to maintain or increase their child's attendance.  

Attendance incentives include; Weekly Class Certificates;  Awards Evening; extra play

With your continued support we will continue to improve attendance and ask that you adhere to the following procedures:-

1. Please contact school on the first day of absence.   There is a messaging service in place for you to leave a pupil absence message. If we do not receive a call from you the school will contact you as part of 'first day response'. Tel: 01744 678000
2. Please send a letter addressed to your child's teacher when they return to school stating the reason for absence.
3. Please make routine or non-urgent medical appointments after school or during school holidays.
4. Please ensure your child arrives at school in time for registration. If your child arrives late this will generate a late mark and this also disturbs lessons which have already started.

The overall attendance figures for academic year from 2018/19 for Reception Class to Y6 was 95.2% as compared to 94.3% for the same period academic year 2017/18. The attendance figure for Y1 to Y6  academic year 2018/19 was 95.2% which excludes pupils not yet of school age compared with 94.6% in academic year 2017/18. This shows an increase in attendance of 0.9% from Reception to Y6.   There is an increase in attendance of 0.6% for Y1-Y6 pupils. The overall attendance figure has improved to 95.2%.

Academic Years 2019/20 and 2020/21 - data is shown below but relates to periods of Covid-19.

The attendance figure for the whole school for Academic Year 2019-20 (1.9.19 to 23.3.20) was 94.8%Y1 to Y6 attendance figure was 95%.

The attendance level for the whole school for Academic Year 2020-21 was 93.9%. Y1 to Y6 was 94.6% 

The attendance level for the Y1 to Y6 l for Academic Year 2021-22 was 94.6%

Attendance data for Academic Year 2022-23- for Autumn Term 1 per class:

Pic Aut.png



Attendance spring.png

Attendance Spring Term 2 2021-22 per Class

Attendance Spring Term 2(1).jpg



Attendance Aut 23.jpg

in Autumn term 2023-24 term our whole school attendance was 94.6%. Y1-Y6 was  94.3%. Our school attendance target of 96%.  


Class Attendance for week ending 24.11.23:-

Reception - 98.6%

Y1 - 98.6%

Y2 - 87%

Y3 - 93.3%

Y4 - 98.2%

Y5 - 96.7%

Y6 - 94.6%

This week's winners from Reception and KS1 is Y1 class 98.6%

This week's KS2 winners  - Y4 - 98.2%

This week's overall attendance figure is 95.1% whole school and 95.8% for Y1 to Y6.

Our attendance target is 96% -  thank you for your support!

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