Religious Education


R.E. Intent

Christ is at the Centre of St Austin’s: we are all created in God’s image.  Our ethos is lived out through signs of Christ’s teaching in the school; the way we behave and care for each other as one large family and through our service to society.  Our culture and aims promote Gospel values and the dignity of the human person; each child is perceived as a precious individual.   Our strong expression of a loving community, where everyone is treated with respect, gives our pupils, staff, families and governors a sense of belonging, giving fullness to life.  We believe these ideals form the basis from which we grow our conscience; our values, motivations, aspirations, choices and actions.


                                The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement:


                 St Austin’s is like a star,

                        where the light inside each one of us shines brightly.

                        As a team, we support, value and respect each other.

                 As a family, we use our talents to be the best that we can be;

                              following the path of Jesus as we:


                                                                                                           Grow in Faith Together


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