Frequently Asked Questions

Organisation of the School Day:-

What time do pupils start lessons?

Foundation Unit and KS1 lessons begin at 9am when the bell rings. 

KS2 pupils are collected from the playground to be in class by 9am when lessons begin.

What happens if my child arrives after 9am?

Any child arriving from 9am onwards should be brought to the main reception by an appropriate adult to sign the 'Late Book'.  If your child is attending a medical appointment please ensure a member of the office staff is informed and an appointment card or letter provided.

What time is lunchtime?

Reception and KS1 have their lunch between 12 noon and 1.15pm.

KS2 have their lunch between 12.25pm and 1.25pm.

What time is playtime?

Playtime for the whole school is between 10.40am and 11am.

When does School close?

The end of the school day is 3.30pm.

When do Assemblies take place?

Assemblies take place each week.  On Monday at 2.50pm there is a whole school assembly in the school hall.  On Wednesday at 2.55pm there is a good work/behaviour assembly.  At this Assembly Headteacher's Awards and Attendance Certificates are distributed.

Does the school operate a Breakfast Club or an After School Club?

The school operates a Breakfast Club from 8am, Monday to Friday.

What happens in the event of emergency closure of the school?

Please see the attached emergency procedures.



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