In Year 3 we have lots of exciting science topics that we cover. These half-termly units of learning can be new topics that haven't been explored before or lessons that build on learning from previous years. We love to predict, investigate and evaluate our learning. 


In Autumn 1 we explore Rocks and Soils that connects us to fossils and artefacts that can be found from history.


We follow this by exploring Light and Shadows in Autumn 2. We investigate how light travels, reflects and how we see it. 

Animals including humans Y3.gif

Spring is all about Animals including Humans! We first explore diets, then delve into the anatomy of skeletons.


Our first topic in Summer is Plants where we utilise the sunshine to investigate what a plant needs to survive and the structure of a flower. We recap life cycles as we explore the life cycle of a plant.


Finally, we observe Forces and Magnets. This topic is full of amazing lessons to introduce us to forces within objects that don't touch.

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